Frequently Asked Questions - SynXis CRS

1) How do I reset my login password?

You can reset the password using the option "Forgot Password" or our support team will provide you the new password. At your first attempt you will get an option to reset the same.

Please follow below password  Rules:

  • Between 7 and 30 characters in length
  • Can contain A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and non-alphabetic like !, $, #, %
  • Cannot contain “!”, or “?” as the first character
  • Spaces or NULL characters must not be used
  • Must not reuse a password within a history of 5 passwords
  • Must not be easily guessed, e.g. first or last Name, Employee/Hotel ID, company name, etc
  • Cannot contain the user's account name
  • Passwords are case sensitive
  • Must contain at least three out of the following four character types: A capital letter, a lower letter, a number and a non-alphanumeric character


2) How do I report reservation modifications, cancellations or no-shows?

ResNet World offers an on-line based reservation reconciliation tool that ensures you only pay fees for the revenues you receive.  Your invoice is sent to your hotel after you have reconciled your reservations through the tool.  It is important to reconcile your reservations within the required to time allotted.  It is important to meet this deadline so we can in turn report your modifications to the GDS channels themselves.  If the time line is not adhered to then we are no longer able to adjust your fees on your behalf and are required to pay for all reservation fees as originally listed.

Please visit the below link for a video presentation on Online reconciliation


3) Do we need to pay Travel Agency Commissions (TAC) for reservations received?

Travel Agency commissions are not a part of the ResNet agreement. This is a commission paid by the hotel to a travel agent. The TAC benchmark is normally 10%. However this may vary from hotel to hotel or as per your promotions. Not paying TAC results in loss of business.


4) What if the credit card details provided with the reservation are invalid?

Kindly contact the Travel agent or the guest for alternate Credit Card details. Guest and/or Travel agent details are available on the reservation confirmation.


5) How do I update my sold out dates?

You have multiple options to update the sold out dates in the system such as Hotel Restrictions, Room Restrictions, Rate Restrictions and Product Restrictions.

  • Login to SynXis and go to Manage => Availability => Stay restrictions => (see below)
  • Hotel Restrictions:  Sets stay restrictions for entire hotel (all rooms and all rates)
  • Room Restrictions:  These only affect selected room types
  • Rate Restrictions:  These restrictions target selected rates
  • Product Restrictions:   These restrictions only effect selected rate/room combinations. For example, you can close king rooms offered through one rate and keep king rooms open for a separate rate.

Select appropriate option and click on "Add Stay Restrictions", select required channel, date and select Close option from the Stay Control and Save.

You can also use the alternate option Login to SynXis and go to Manage => Daily Manager.


6) How do I locate the credit card details on a reservation?

The three digit CVV number for a guest’s credit card is stored in the Synxis CRS for a period of 24 hours after the reservation is made.  If you require the CVV details to enforce a guaranteed no-show it is vitally important that you retrieve this data within this 24 time period.  Due to credit card security protocols 24 hours is the maximum amount of time we are able to store this information.  Once this time period passes the data is permanently deleted from the system.  In order to retrieve the CVV number please log into the Synxis CRS and go to Manage => Reservations=> New Reservations.  Once here click on the appropriate confirmation number and you will be able to see the three digit code along with the credit card details.  Please remember to take note of the code and to keep it in a secure location as this data can only be accessed once.   Also note that this only applies to Booking Engine reservations.  GDS technology does not support the storage of CVV numbers.

In contrast to the CVV code, you are able to see a guest’s credit card details in the Synxis CRS ant any time.  The credit card numbers are not deleted in 24 hours like the CVV code. To retrieve credit card details for specific booking please login to the SynXis CRS and go to Manage => Reservations => Credit Card Summary.  Once you are here you can search for the reservation using one of the search options in the drop-down box provided.


7) How do I update my room availability and inventory?

Whenever your inventory drops to zero (0) our system automatically sends an "Inventory Depleted" email to your Synxis registered email id.  Follow the below steps to add inventory in SynXis if rooms are not available.

Manage => Availability => Room Inventory


8) How do I find the GDS codes for my hotel?

Please Note the Chain Code : YX

To check the GDS codes in SynXis CRS please follow below steps:

Setup => Data Management => Distribution Systems


9) How do I update my rates?

Daily rates can be changed easily using the Rate-Override option Manage => Availability => Rate Override. In the filter option select date, days to view, rate and rooms and click on apply and update the rates.  Please make sure you have seasons loaded for your rate and confirm that the configuration is setup for both single and double occupancy.  This can be can be viewed and adjusted under Setup => Rate => Rate Configuration in the back office.


10) Do you have user manual?

Once you login to SynXis extranet on the right hand side of every page you will see HELP. Click on HELP and you will get all the information.


For more information and assistance please contact



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